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Colon Hydrotherapy

Colonics (Colon Hydrotherapy) is the cleansing of the large intestine (colon) with warm water to expel old hardened waste and harmful toxins via the rectum. It is similar to an enema but more extensive. Whereas an enema bathes only the lower portion of the colon, colonic irrigation (which must be done by a trained practitioner) attempts to clean the entire length of the colon. 15 – 20 movements will be released. Colon Hydrotherapy works to eliminate the buildup of compacted matter and waste in the colon.

Benefits Includes:

  • Restoring proper balance to the body
  • Stimulating the immune system
  • Allowing freer passage of nutrients into the blood
  • Increasing prevention of toxic absorption
  • Providing a favorable environment for bacteria and micro flora for digestion
  • Strengthening natural muscular contraction activity in the colon
  • Promoting a return of normal, regular bowel movement


Hydrotherapy acts through the nervous system. Like medications, it acts on the brain centers and their extensions, and then through the reflex areas. Function is stimulated or reduced by means of temperatures used and the length of their application. Friction accompanying the application of hydrotherapy also adds to and prolongs its effectiveness. Some hydrotherapy protocols include hot/cold foot bath and alternating showers (contrast bath).

Benefits Includes:

  • It accomplishes its results through external application and can be used locally. Its effects are not toxic.
  • Hydrotherapy adds no toxins to be destroyed or eliminated. It increases metabolism to get rid of toxins already present
    • Relieves pain and reduces muscular tension
    • Rehabilitation of injured muscles
    • It relieves stress
  • After hydrotherapy, there is a feeling of well-being. Drugs lack this effect, and may even produce the reverse.


Massage may be defined as the manipulation of the tissues of the body for therapeutic purposes, producing effects on the nervous, muscular, and respiratory systems and the local and general circulation of blood and lymph. These manipulations are most effectively performed with the hands. The word massage is taken from a root meaning “to knead” or to “handle.”

Benefits Includes:

  • Increases blood circulation
  • Increases lymph circulation
  • Relieves or decreases muscular spasm and twitching causing muscle relaxation
  • Helps maintain muscle tone and retards denervation atrophy.
  • Keeps muscle supple and free from fibrosis.
  • Soothing and relaxing
  • Muscle cramps, including writer’s cramp


Sometimes people call diabetes “a touch of sugar”. This term suggest that someone doesn’t really have diabetes or has a less serious case, but every case of diabetes is serious.

Diabetes is a disease that occurs when your blood glucose, also called blood sugar, is too high. Blood glucose is your main source of energy and comes from the food you eat. Sometimes your body doesn’t make enough insulin or doesn’t use it well. Glucose then stays in your blood and doesn’t reach your cells, which can lead to major medical challenges.

That is why we are here to empower you and help you manage your diabetes. We teach, coach and guide clients so they understand their diabetes and how it affects their personal lives, and work with them to set (and meet) behavior change goals to improve their health.

Benefits Includes:

Research shows that people who have received diabetes education are more likely to:

  • Make better decisions about their diabetes
  • Work with their health care team to get the support they need
  • Understand how to take care of themselves and learn the skills to:
    • Eat healthy
    • Be active
    • Check their blood sugar (glucose)
    • Take their medicine
    • Solve problems
    • Cope with the emotional side of diabetes
    • Reduce their risk of other health problems


Wellness and Lifestyle Change Counselling

We offer prevention and wellness consultation in conjunction with your primary care provider for persons who just want to enhance their overall level of well–being, or for individuals who just want to better manage a challenge that they might be experiencing. Whether it is; weight management, insomnia, hypertension, elevated cholesterol, diabetes or other challenges, come in, and have an assessment done and get on the path to optimizing your overall health. It is time for a NEW START!

Benefits Includes:

  • Greater Self-Awareness and Self-Acceptance
  • Ability to manage stress
  • Relief from depression and anxiety
  • Increase confidence and decision making skills

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions for you to review. If you have a specific question that we have not answered below, please get in touch and we'll be happy to help you.

Q. Is a colon hydrotherapy session safe?

A. Yes. In fact, with the modern advancements of today's colon hydrotherapy devices and standardization of training and procedures, colon hydrotherapy is often safer than administering an enema. And, with the dangers of laxative overuse, colonics have a definite advantage and greater long-term benefits.

Q. What is the difference between colon hydrotherapy, enemas and laxatives?

A. Colon hydrotherapy is designed to cleanse, hydrate, and retone the entire length of the large intestine (colon) (approx. 5ft) whereas an enema only reaches the lower part of the colon or about 1 foot. Laxatives generally contain drugs and chemicals that irritate the colon walls and are known for dehydrating the bowel instead of hydrating the system as with colon hydrotherapy.

Q. Is the procedure for colon hydrotherapy uncomfortable?

A. Most people describe their colon hydrotherapy session as being both refreshing and relaxing. The instillation of warm, purified water is very gentle.

Q. Should I see my doctor before my first colon hydrotherapy session?

A. If you have a concern about the appropriateness of colon hydrotherapy you should consult a doctor.

Q. Is the procedure safe and sanitary?

A. Yes - we use the latest-technology medical-grade equipment and disposable apparatus. All materials, including tubing, speculums and drapes are for one time use and are disposed after each client. In addition, the FDA Class II cleared medical device (the hydrotherapy device) has a one way check valve to assure fresh, clean, purified water instillation and an internal self-cleaning system that uses hospital grade disinfectant that is utilized in some operating rooms.

Q. How long does a colonic session take?

A. 1.15 hours for your initial visit so the colon-hydrotherapist has a chance to review your history, address questions, and perform the colonic session.

Q. How many colonic sessions will I need?

A. As each client is different based on the degree of cleansing needed, your situation will be evaluated during the initial visit.

Q. Are the services provide by Wholistic Lifestyle covered under my medical insurance?

A. Our services are preventative and covered only under a physician referral.

Q. What should I do to prepare for a colonic?

A. Taking the proper precautions before undergoing a colonic can make a big difference. We strongly recommend the following:

  • No eating or drinking the morning of your session
  • Drink water up to 2 hours before your session
  • To enhance your colonic process, focus on eating fruits and vegetables

Q. Will I experience any intestinal discomfort or fatigue after the cleansing?

A. Usually not, but since the cleansing will stir up a lot of old debris and toxins, you might experience some minor nausea or fatigue with your first session. If any discomfort occurs, it is recommended to rest and apply a warm heating pad to the abdomen. If you wish, a mild vegetable broth or peppermint tea is usually soothing at this time.

Q. Can I go to work directly after a colon hydrotherapy session?

A. You can work just as you would after a normal bowel movement.

Q. How will I feel after the treatment?

A. Following the treatment, some people feel a burst of energy, and others may feel tired. Both feelings are completely normal, and can often be indicative of your general toxic load and the current state of your health.

Q. What should I do after my treatment?

A. It’s important to drink plenty of water after your colonic to help your body continue to flush out toxins. As for diet, eat plenty of fruit and vegetables (preferably raw or gently steamed if your body is not used to a high-raw diet). Avoid red meat, alcohol, caffeine and sugar.

Q. When will I have my next bowel movement?

A. It’s completely normal NOT to have a bowel movement the day after your colonic. You’ve just expelled a large amount of waste, and it can take time before your next movement.

Q. Is the treatment embarrassing?

A. No mess, no odour! Your dignity is always maintained with proper draping in a private room. Most people find a colonic treatment a thoroughly comfortable experience.

Q. Is it safe to have a colonic during menstruation?

A. Colonic Hydrotherapy can be very good during this time as it will help decrease the cramps and bloating often associated with menstruation.

Q. Does colon hydrotherapy wash away my good bacteria?

A. No - If your bowel is toxic you have little or no good intestinal flora to begin with.

Q. Is this procedure covered by my medical insurance?

A. Yes, but only when referred by a physician.


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  • As a senior citizen, Wholistic Lifestyle has proven and totally reassured me that you are never too old to make improvements to your health and overall lifestyle. They offer a high level of one-on-one professional services that are second to none! Thanks so much for giving me my life back.

    - FELIX MUNROE ( The Bahamas)

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  • Wholistic Lifestyle has truly been a game changer for me in my quest to improve my overall health and wellness. Their friendly and knowledgeable staff pride themselves on confidentiality, professionalism, and efficiency. My visits have always been comfortable, rejuvenating and rewarding. They have definitely earned a lifetime client!

    - LATASHA DAVIS ( The Bahamas)

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